Oregon Salmon Fishing

Oregon Salmon Fishing can be found from April through October on the Rogue River in Gold Beach Oregon.   Spring Chinook are some of the hardest fighting and best eating salmon in the world.  Fall Salmon are caught chrome bright and fresh from the ocean.  Coho (Silver) Salmon hit hard and fight harder.  Gold Beach guided Salmon Fishing at its best!

(April – June)

Spring Chinook enter the Rogue in late march and run through June. These are some of the hardest fighting and best eating salmon in the world. The fish range from 10 to 35 pounds. Enjoy this most relaxing fishery you will experience - all from the comfort of a covered heated boat. What makes these Rogue River Spring Chinook Salmon unique is the fact that the spawning grounds are located further upstream than any other type of Salmon. Rogue Spring Chinook will travel over 200 miles from the Pacific Ocean.

(July – October)

Fall is reserved for Chinook and Coho (Silver) Salmon. Rogue River Bay fishing is done in a powerboat with comfortable seats and many amenities nearby.

Ranging from 10-45 pounds, one strike from these fish and you will be hooked.

Fall Chinook Salmon... are caught chrome bright and fresh from the ocean. This run peaks August through September.
Coho (Silvers) Salmon... if you have never caught a coho salmon you are missing out. These fish hit hard and fight even better. They average 6 to 15 pounds and enter the river in Mid-September through October.

(November – December)

Salmon are beginning their spawning runs up the smaller Elk, Sixes, and Chetco Rivers. These large, hard fighting salmon are targeted from a comfortable two person drift boat. The Elk and Sixes rivers are less than forty miles long and the King Salmon entering them remain bright due to the small distance they travel to spawning grounds. These Oregon King Salmon can reach up to 60 lbs, though, 25-35 lbs are more common. Relax as you sit with the warmth of a heater and the crisp cool air of the early morning river breeze. These Winter trips are the most beautiful of all.

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