The Calendar

january – march | gold beach steelhead fishing

Start off the new year in pursuit of Steelhead from a powerboat or drift boat. Steelhead typically range from 5 to 12 pounds. The weather will choose which river we will fish: the Rogue, Coos, Elk, Sixes, Chetco, or Illinois. We can provide more Gold Beach fishing opportunities on the upper Chetco, Illinois, and the Rogue due to the three allocated permits …

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april – june | gold beach salmon fishing

Spring Chinook enter the Rogue in late March and run through June. These are some of the hardest-fighting and best-eating salmon in the world. These Gold Beach fish range from 10 to 35 pounds. Enjoy this most relaxing fishery you will experience – all from the comfort of a covered, heated boat.

july – october | gold beach salmon fishing

Gold Beach Fall fishing is reserved for Chinook and Coho (Silver) Salmon. Rogue River Bay fishing is done in a powerboat with comfortable seats and many amenities nearby.  Ranging from 10-45 pounds, you will be hooked with one strike from these fish! Fall Chinook Salmon… are caught chrome bright and fresh from the ocean. This …

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late august – early october | coos river fall salmon fishing

Salmon run on the Coos River in the fall, bite well and we happily report that catch rates are usually high. Salmon average 10 to 30 pounds. You will be comfortably seated in Tyson’s 24′ open sled while trolling using flashers and cut plug herring. Guided Coos River fishing are probably the best way to make sure you catch …

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november – december | gold beach area salmon fishing

Salmon are beginning their spawning runs up the smaller Elk, Sixes, and Chetco Rivers. These large, hard-fighting salmon are targeted from a comfortable two-person drift boat. Relax as you sit with the warmth of a heater and the crisp, cool air of the early morning river breeze.  These Winter trips are the most beautiful of all trips.