Oregon Steelhead Fishing

(January - March)

Start off the new year in pursuit of Steelhead from a powerboat or drift boat. Steelhead typically range from 5-12 lbs. The weather will choose which river we will fish; the Rogue, Elk, Sixes, Chetco or Illinois. We can provide more fishing opportunity on the upper Chetco, Illinois, and the Rogue due to the three allocated permits we have in hand.

Winter Steelhead enter Oregon's Coastal streams in the late fall and by Christmas the run is in full swing. Winter Steelhead, unlike their distant cousin the Salmon, don't die after spawning. They return to the Pacific Ocean and after a year or two will return to their home stream. Steelhead can make the journey back to the Ocean many times in their lifetime which makes them very different from Salmon.

This characteristic, along with the Steelhead's sense of curiosity enables these fish to be caught with a wide variety of techniques. Some of these techniques may include side drifting, float fishing, or pulling plugs just to name a few. Changing water conditions and different types of water require that we as fishermen change our methods often.

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